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Beyond Roofing is Alberta’s trusted source for everything spray foam related. As a subsidiary of Beyond Group of Companies, and a sister company to Beyond Insulation, our roofing division understands Spray Foam Roofing Systems at a grass roots level. Beyond Roofing has the unique experience to look at roof systems from a building envelope perspective and not only as a membrane. Each of our estimators have spent years in the field installing roof systems in Calgary and throughout Southern Alberta.

Widely used across the globe successfully for about 60 years.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofs Systems (SPFRS) are not new systems. These roofs have been widely used across the globe successfully for about 60 years. The general components of the system includes a 3lb density spray applied polyurethane foam, a UV protectant membrane and depending on what coating is used, a small roofing granule cast into the coating.

An SPFRS can often be applied to existing roof systems such as Tar & Gravel (BUR), Torch On (SBS) and low slope standing seam metal roofs. Mitigating a full removal and preventing down time to the buildings occupants are two of the benefits that make this system very attractive to building owners. Aside from providing a new roof membrane, a foam roof adds an effective R-value to the roof which saves money on heating and cooling costs. The foam and coating provides a monolithic seal because the system has no seams and is self-flashing to penetrations, limiting the use of collars to seal the membrane to stacks and vents.

Re-coat the roof and renew the warranty.

An important feature of the spray foam roof system is the ability to re-coat the roof and renew the warranty instead of tearing it off when it is old. The one significant drawback to the SPFRS is the fact that it can only be applied in warmer temperatures. This limits the system install to Spring, Summer and early Fall.



How long does a spray foam roof last?

Polyurethane lasts a very long time. The coating will expire in 10 to 15 years. Re-coating the roof will extend its life cycle to 25 to 30 years.

Can a spray foam roof be applied to a sloped roof?

Yes it can. This system is often applied to low slope tar & gravel roofs, as well as metal roofs and others.

Can a spray foam roof system be applied on top of my old roof?

Great Question. A roof that had wet or damaged insulation or roof material can not have an SPFRS installed over top of it. This would trap moisture and put the building envelope at risk. Wet areas must be removed. A qualified estimator can discuss if an SPFRS can be installed on your building.

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Author: Kevin Boschee