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Roof Coatings IconAs the cost of roof materials continue to rise, more roofing companies having been looking towards roof coatings as a very good option to extend the life cycle of SBS, EPDM, TPO’s and even Metal Roofs. Beyond Roofing Calgary is leading the way with our innovative approach to sealing up roof systems. Coatings options are available through many of the major roof material suppliers including Carlisle, Firestone, Henry, Sika and more.

Choosing a Roof Coating

When choosing a roof coating and a contractor to apply your roof coating, a person should consider the type of coating, if the coating fits the existing roof substrate and has been tested on it, and how familiar the contractor is with roof coating systems. Acrylic Coatings are often white in colour and can provide cool roof option but may break down more easily where ponding water may occur. This makes acrylic coatings more suitable for sloped roofing. Silicone coatings on the other hand provide good protection against the elements while being able to handle ponding water. 

SRM (Silicone Restoration Membranes)

One of the various roof coating systems that delivers strong performance at an affordable price point is Silicone Restoration Membranes (SRM). Silicone has a unique ability to adhere to almost any substrate. Depending on the volume of solids, silicone can cure very quickly, providing a waterproof surface within minutes. An SRM is a liquid applied coating that is backrolled unto the existing cleaned roof surface to create a monolithic membrane that seals not only flat areas but also all upstands and penetrations.

Attention to Detail

As with all flat and low slope roofing, the small details are the most important. While Roof Coatings can be used to restore an aged roof membrane, there is a lot of prep work that goes into this process. Roof surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly to receive the new coating.The existing surface must be fully secured with no gaps or holes. Mastics, caulking and other materials may be used to seal plys and treat screws in metal flashings before a coating is applied.



Can I apply a roof coating myself?

While some small patching can be done by building owners, it is never a good idea to attempt any roof installation process on your own. The application of the coating itself is a very small part of the overall process. Also, a professional roofing company can and should be providing a warranty to liquid applied roof coating systems.

Can a roof coating be applied to any roof?

No. Roofs that have experienced a lot of leaking may still require a full removal to prevent the trapping of moisture into the roof system.

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Author: Kevin Boschee