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Is your roof suitable for a flat or low sloping membrane roof?

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Residential Flat & Low Slope Roofs

Most residential roofs in Alberta have roof shingles. This system is cost effective and reliable for most roofs, however roofs that do not have a sufficient slope may have to look at using another roof system. Beyond Roofing’s team of professionals can help you qualify whether your roof is suitable for a flat or low sloping membrane roof. Our team has dealt with various systems and has an exceptional understanding on building envelope.

This important aspect of your flat or low slope roof is often overlooked.

Not just any roofing company is equipped to handle the repair or replacement of your flat roof or your low sloping roof that is on your home. Even though this is your residence, the roof system is more of a commercial roof. Chances are that your roof may be an older Tar & Gravel System, a Torch On Roof, or even an EPDM or one of many other possibilities. Either way, a commercial roofing company will be better suited to help you with one of these roofs.

Some roofing companies tend to view every drop of water that comes from your ceiling as a leak. This is not always the case. Many of these roof’s struggle with condensation issues that arise from a combination of poor insulation and ventilation concerns. This important aspect of your flat or low slope roof is often overlooked. Leaks that happen during a chinook or when there is a thaw cycle may be the result of condensation or melting frost. If the issue is condensation, then replacing the roof may not fix the problem. Most Low Slope Roofs will have a vaulted ceilings in all or half of the home. There are only two routes to insulate these vaults. Either the drywall must come off inside the home or the roof must come off to access the insulation. For this reason, it makes sense to address any insulation concerns when the roof is being replaced.


Can I put shingles on my low slope roof?

Most shingle manufacturers will not warranty slopes ratios (pitch) lower than 2.5 by 12. Some manufacturers will pro-rate the warranty based on the slope reduction from a 4 by 12 slope ratio.

Is it possible that my roof has no insulation?

While this would not be the norm, it is possible to have roof with little to no insulation. Roofs with structural pine or cedar laid on top of post beams will often have no insulation other than a small layer of buffalo board.

Can the flat roof on my home be repaired?

Often repairs can be facilitated as a temporary measure. Roof coatings are becoming a popular way to restore some types of old roof systems.

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Author: Kevin Boschee